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The PACE Organization is a member of the National PACE Association. NPA is the trade association that provides advocacy and policy support to all PACE programs across the country.

Getting Started at Adult Day Center of Westerly

Adult Day Center of Westerly wants you and your loved one to get the eldercare services you need and we strive to make the enrollment process as smooth and easy as possible.

We are licensed in both Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Want to see what Adult Day Center of Westerly is all about?

Adult Day Center of Westerly offers a tour of the Center, a complimentary lunch and an invitation to stay for entertainment hour to any participant and their caregiver.  This visit is a wonderful opportunity for the caregiver and the participant to see first-hand what adult day services are all about and to determine if these senior care services will meet your specific needs.  In addition, this visit gives the Adult Day Center of Westerly staff an opportunity to begin to get acquainted with the participant and caregiver.

Scheduling a visit and complimentary lunch or a tour of the facility is as easy as calling the Director of Social Services at the Center.

Adult Day Center of Westerly Staff is here to assist in the sometimes difficult transition into adult day services.  Often, the transition can be trying due to misconceptions or misunderstandings about what adult day services are. Our staff has shared many stories of participants who insisted to their caregivers that “they were not going”, only to be asking about when they can go back!  It is not uncommon for an initially reluctant participant to be fully participating in games, singing along with the entertainer of the day or socializing with the other participants at the Center during this visit.

Let’s get started!

We are here to help you get started.  Remember, there is no cost to you to call!  All you have to do is Contact Us and feel free to ask lots of questions.