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Adult Day Center of Westerly Testimonials.

When I enrolled my mother in the Westerly Adult Day Care almost a year ago, I had no idea how much my mom would benefit from this program. The staff at the Center provides a caring, structured environment making my mother feel safe and part of the “Westerly Adult Day Care Family.” She has blossomed!! At the end of the day she is so excited to share the details of her busy day. From the arts and crafts, the parties, and the bingo games she comes alive with details. Another function of the program is the medical supervision and care each participant receives by the RN on staff. My father, who is 90 also benefits from the program. He is the primary care giver at home and enjoys the 3 days of respite while mom is at the program. It is such a good feeling to know that such a wonderful place exists. Our family would be lost without it!

The Ortiz Family

My mother live independently in Florida until the age of 75. At that time she felt a little less energetic and wanted to be closed to the family in New England. She moved into an Assisted Living Facility, where she lived fro the next five years. During that five year period she became less capable of completing daily tasks and became more dependent on me.

At 80 years old we decided it would be best if she came to live with me. I work full time and did not want to leave her at home alone all day. We explore many different facilities for seniors and the elderly. My concern at that time was socialization and interacting with her peers.

We decided the Westerly Adult Day Program best fit out needs. I had reservations because I wasn’t sure my mother was ready for a program like this. It was obvious to me that many of the people who attended the program needed more care than my mother did. I wondered if she would fit in.

In beginning the program, my mother would often not want to go. We struggled with this because of my working situation. As time went on she looked forward to going to what we call The Center. She was treated the utmost respect and kindness. She was stimulation with making crafts, musical entertainment and sharing the day with friends she had made there.

The Staff at the Westerly Adult Day Program were very helpful to me. They set up transportation to and from my mother. They were also helpful in directing me to the proper organizations that would help with financing for the program.

The Nursing Staff communicates with me on a regular basis concerning any little thing they see that is different with my mom.

Today my mother is one of those people that need more care. I am completely comfortable with her attending the Westerly Adult Day Program. I can go to work without a worry. I have complete peace of mind, knowing my mother is comfortable and well taken care of. I am so thankful that we found this program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone in a similar situation.

There is a jewel in Westerly and it is in the form of the loving care and family atmosphere at the Westerly Adult Day Services.  My Mom is 93 and over the past two years has been through a lot.  Her husband died and she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  I knew 24/7 care for her would be daunting but I didn’t think that she was quite at the point of going into a specialized facility.  Nor did she want to.  So, I stepped up to the plate.

The Westerly Adult Day Services gives me a break while affording Mom companionship, social interaction and professional oversight.  Mom needs social interaction after years of sitting and staring off into space while her husband deteriorated.  Now she has something to do each day, some place to go and people to talk to.  There is an individualized care plan, activities in which she can participate, hearty meals, toe-tapping music and even a bit of dancing.  My mother looks forward to each day with her social group.  When she comes home I always ask her if she had fun.  And she always says “Yes!”  That is worth the world to me.

Marilyn Coffey
January 2010