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The PACE Organization is a member of the National PACE Association. NPA is the trade association that provides advocacy and policy support to all PACE programs across the country.

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Our Privacy Policy

Employees handle a variety of confidential information as a requirement of their jobs. This information may pertain to the Organization or the private affairs of our residents and/or their families. The Organization recognizes that each resident has the rights to personal privacy and confidentiality of their personal, clinical and financial records. This high degree of confidentiality for Residents Rights is mandated by the Health Care Financing Administration. Employees are expected to treat all information regarding the Organization and/or residents as highly confidential and should discuss this information with physicians, professionals and employees directly concerned with the resident’s care on a need to know basis. Any discussion concerning a resident should be conducted in a private environment where other people, residents, family members and staff cannot overhear.

It is important that confidential information is not discussed or released to anyone outside the Organization. Inquiries from any external source should be referred to the Facility Administrator or the PACE Administrator Assistant.